Thoothukudi Sterlite – Anti-Sterlite Protest

thoothukudi sterlite protest, anti sterlite protest

THOOTHUKUDI STERLITE ISSUE: Sandeep Nanduri appointed as the Thoothukudi District Collector on Thursday. Addressing the media here, he stated that he’s going to take all necessary steps to restore peace and concord in the city and that he’s going to preserve peace talks with the people depending on the situation.

Following the orders issued by way of the state on Wednesday evening, N Venkatesh was replaced by Sandeep Nanduri as the Collector of Thoothukudi district and P Mahendran replaced by Murali Rambha as the Superintendent of Police in Thoothukudi district.

thoothukudi sterlite protest, anti sterlite protest

Anti Sterlite Protest:

The transfer orders came after the violence erupted during the Anti-Sterlite protest in the front of the office of the District Collector on Tuesday when the police opened fire on the protesters and killing 11 people. The death was increased to 12 when police firing occurred for the second one consecutive day on Wednesday, killing one man.

While Taking charge on Thursday, Sandeep Nanduri had his first interaction with the media as a District Collector of Thoothukudi. He addressed the media and said that he’ll take all steps to restore the peace and concord in Thoothukudi town.

He affirming that no para navy forces have been inducted yet and that the force is not arriving on the Thoothukudi town as of now. Sandeep Nanduri also confident to expose certain statistics on the number of the death toll, on the number of those injured and the number of those detained thus far, after holding discussing with the police authorities.


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