Maari 2 Trailer Released – Dhanush’s Perfect Entertaining film

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Wunderbar Films has finally released the trailer of the much-awaited Maari 2 Trailer. We are Excited to watch Maari return with his friends, Sanikelamai and Adithaangi, on the big screen but more than that, Director has introduced new characters and actors that we are excited about in the film. Tovino Thomas plays the antagonist in this one and he looks like a complete stunner. Sai Pallavi plays Dhanush’s love interest in the sequel and we’ll actually, hopefully, see a proper love story this time, unlike the one-sided love story in the…

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Dhanush’s Maari 2 single track – Rowdy baby!!!

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The most awaited film from Dhanush is Maari 2 single track has been released. The Maari 1 is released in the year 2015. Dhanush played the main role in that film. He played as a Local Rowdy role. That was a Huge success because of Anirudh’s music and Dhanush’s acting and getup. That film gained many fans for Dhanush’s performance. So, the director Balaji Mohan decided to proceed to the next part of Maari 2. already, the crew was announced in earlier 2018. Now, Singletrack of Maari 2 has been released. The film’s composer is…

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Vada chennai – a must watch gangster flim!!!

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The Vada Chennai is a film which goes through about 15 years of effort and finally made it!!! There are many of the stars led in this film. the Dhanush playing the main role and then Aishwarya Rajesh, Andrea, ameer, Kishore, Daniel Balaji, and many others. This film was produced by the Wunderbar films. the music composer for this film is Santhosh Narayanan and the cinematography is velraj.the editing is GB Venkatesh. As the director revealed earlier, the vada Chennai 1 actual running time is five hours and a half hour cut. but, the film…

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