Vijay’s Sarkar vs AIADMK Sarkar

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The Vijay’s Sarkar team Accepts for the cut off the scenes which mentioned by AIADMK party. In this film, there is some of the scenes are criticized about the freebies which are given by the Ex-chief minister “Jayalalithaa” under the scheme. Flim has used her name in the film and criticized in this film. So, the AIADMK supporters are protested yesterday in front of theatres and then they tore all of the cut-outs of Vijay and Sarkar film posters. the ministers of AIADMK are complained and raised a case against the Sarkar team. The…

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Sarkar cases – Case list aganist Sarkar!!!

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Sarkar cases – The Rajendran has stated has that his film story was stolen by director A.R Murugadoss. The “Sarkar” movie story was stolen the story “sengol” which was written and submitted by the Writer Rajendran. The most awaiting film for this Deepavali is “Sarkar” this film was starred by the Actor Vijay and then this film was directed by the A.R Murugadoss. Recently, this film’s teaser was released and excited the Vijay fans and then also Tamil Audience. This film’s music director was A R Rahman. The film is set…

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