Samsung M10, M20 smartphones are Affordable than others?

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Samsung company has launched two smartphones in India called as M series. Samsung has planned to compete in Mid-range segments with other smartphones like Asus, Realme, Redmi. M10 and M20 smartphones are launched in India with better specifications and better price also. Is this really a competition for all other smartphones? Let’s see…

This time Samsung doesn’t give the AMOLED display in these M series because of the price. Samsung has given an LCD display in these smartphones. M10 smartphone has a good build and also a good camera which is truly a competition to Redmi. Especially redmi has a major focus in the mid-range segment in India. So, this will be a good product from the Samsung.

On otherwise the Samsung Galaxy M20 has 5,000mAh battery capacity with fast charging support but, redmi doesn’t provide the Fast charger including the phone. Although the phone supports fast charging. Samsung also gives a Type-C port to fast charge and fast data transfer.

And the next one is Price of the smartphone, Samsung has priced both the smartphone aggressively in the mid-range segment. M20 smartphone will be around 13,500 and M10 will be 8,000 with good specs compare to Redmi and all other smartphone companies.

Now, Samsung has planned to focus on e-commerce as redmi and other companies. Already, Samsung has a good offline market in India but they planned to focus on online also. This smartphone will be available on Feb 5th at Amazon India and Samsung e-store.

Overall, Samsung has worked well to give a worthy product and also compete for others. So, it’s a worthy selection for this price segment with some good specs. Definitely, this will be a boom of smartphones in the mid-range segment. People can buy these smartphones from the tear-one brand. It’s an affordable one than the Redmi, Asus, Realme.

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