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Saamy 2 (Square) Movie Review: Saamy 2 is a continuation of Saamy 1. In Saamy 1, Aarusaamy (Vikram) was fighting against politician villain Perumal Pitchai (Kota Srinivasan) and killed him. And the director decided to do this by doing away with the character! Yes, he kills Aarusaamy (Vikram), the fearless cop who believed in justice with humanity than the law and continues the hunt with another Saamy, Ram Saamy (Vikram), his son. And director Hari makes comparisons between father and son almost pointless by giving them exactly the same characteristics. “IAS moola IPS vela,” remarks Ram in a scene, but trust us, the only difference is the mustache!.

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Ravana Pichai (Bobby Simha), the son of the Saamy 1’s villain, Perumal Pitchai (Kota Srinivasa Rao), learning that his father has been murdered by Aarusaamy and coming to India from Sri Lanka to take his revenge. The film begins with Ravana Pitchai takes revenge by killing the men responsible for his father’s fate, including Aarusaamy and his wife. He establishes a money laundering network in India, but 28 years later, crosses the path of Ram Saamy.

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This movie is about taking revenge on each other. Ravana Pitchai takes revenge on Aarusaamy for killing his father Perumal Pitchai. And Ram Saamy takes revenge on Ravana Pitchai for killing his father Aarusaamy and his mother Bhuvana.

Every time Vikram teamed up with Hari, the box-office result was blockbuster. After many years, these two are working together for ‘Saamy Square’. In the last few years, Chiyaan Vikram has seen several flops than hits and it’s for ‘Saamy Square’ to work at the box office. Reportedly, the makers have spent a lavish amount to bankroll ‘Saamy Square’, which is released today. All the fans are eagerly waiting to watch the film ‘Saamy 2’.

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