What is the result? – Dog meat or Rajasthan Goat??

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What is the result? – Dog meat or Rajasthan Goat??

On Saturday, Railway Protection Force (RPF) blocked a group of men who were unloading parcels of suspected dog meat onto the platform. The police officials smelt the stink from their 11 polystyrene boxes at Chennai Egmore railway station where two tonnes of alleged dog meat was being transferred.

The parcel van arrived at the platform at 10:16 am when a few men who claimed to be receivers loaded them meat onto a trolley. The RPF officials split the boxes open to find the frozen meat of some small animals in a decomposition state. The other parts and heads of the animals were cut off. The RPF officials immediately passed the information to food safety officials. It did take the food safety officials long to suspect that the meat could be slaughtered dogs.

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Food safety officials say that the packed boxes weighed 2,190 kilograms and the meat was split and distributed across 20 boxes. “The meat was packed in thermocol boxes with ice. It was not in cold temperature. Ideally, it should be frozen because the journey time is 48-72 hours from Rajasthan. It is not clear who the meat was meant for and sender, why such a large quantity was being transported, ”The Food Safety officials are examining whether it is goat or dog meat since there are some similar anatomical differences for both. Two animal meat samples have been sent to the Meat Sciences Department at the Madras Veterinary College in Vepery, Chennai. The result has been launched but, the Food Safety officials haven’t said anything about the result till now.

Based on the species report, the Department has an oscillation into action. “This trade has to be regulated. The Department needs to find why such a large quantity of meat is being brought,”

It is believed the parcels were booked by someone sent from Gandhidham in Gujarat. The parcels were reportedly loaded on to the train three days ago and it’s decomposed due to the difference in temperature in three days.

While the RPF officials have not filed any complaint, an FIR has been registered by the police against unknown persons. The police are trying to trace the origin of the parcel and are trying to gather information where or whom the meat was being sent to.

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