Reservation system: 10% of quota for the upper castes

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The Union Cabinet has been approved the 10% of places for the Upper Castes. The Narendra Modi’s Cabinet has announced the reservation for the Upper caste People on Tuesday.  This reservation system is eligible for only poor people who are in upper casts. This reservation will be over above 50%. This reservation will be on the education and for the government jobs also.

The Modi’s government has taken a big action against the reservation system. This will gain big support for the BJP party from the Upper castes peoples. This reservation system is eligible to the people who earn below 8 lakhs and who have below 5 acres of agriculture lands.

Article 15 and 16 of the constitution will be amended for this implementation and decision are made from this law. The Lok Sabha elections are coming ahead. This is the big step from the central government and Recently, the GST prices have been slightly cut-off for the electronics like Televisions, Power Banks.

In, the recent elections from the 5 states the BJP has loss themselves and Congress has won in the 5 states of India. So, the BJP has discussed these results and they are making a plan for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. let’s wait and see for the further updates from the government.

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