Here, Metoo enters into Google!

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Google is serious about the allegations of Sexual Harassment and misconduct. Who performed allegation can be intimate by an internal memo sent for the employees on Thursday and obtained. As many people have been fired out from the google. Past two years there are 48 people’s are fired. In that 48 people, there are 13 people were senior managers. As Pichai said that, there will be severe action will be taken upon these allegations. They don’t receive any Exit packages. They will simply write the memo and that one will be co-signed by the Eileen Naughton, vice president of people operations in google.

This memo has received after the new york times published on Thursday that Google paid 90$million for the Andy Rubin, who created the Android operating system. After he left from the company in 2014 for the issue of sexual Allegations and misconduct. Google also invested heavily in Rubin’s future projects. But, he doesn’t work on that one after that company also not allowed the Andy inside the company to protect other employees from the sexual misconduct and harassment.

The Pichai conceded that the times of report was “difficult to read”. Tech companies of women and minorities are underrated in this industry. The company said that 75% of employees were men and the others are the women and minorities. In, that 93% of employees were the roughly whites and Asians.

The company updated his policy to require for all the vice presidents and senior vice presidents to disclose any relationship with the co-workers will be in reported line or presented of conflict, Pichai and Naughton have written this on Thursday.

The report of Google has a permissive culture. when it comes as the relationship with the co-workers that one will not be possible. At least one Google employee has to come out and then spoke about this issue. make the company more protective and secure for the Victims.

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