Manikarnika Queen Of Jhansi!! – A new milstone in Bollywood!

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Manikarnika is a historical film which is starred by Kangana Ranaut. She performed as Queen of Jhansi in this film and Ankita Lokhande is also starred in a  lead role. This film is set to be released on Jan 25th Friday. This film is about the story of Lakshmi Bhai, Queen of Jhansi. Jhansi is one of the most important leaders for the Indian Republic rebellion. This film’s budget is approximately 125 crores.

Manikarnika Official Trailer – The Queen of Jhansi:

Surely, this film will make Indian people feel the raw patriotism while watching this film during Republic Day of India. This is also an of the reason for releasing the film on Jan 25th. After many of the controversies have been gone for this film and Kangana Ranaut. She said some of the controversy talks against the peoples. Some of the peoples are raised their voice against to not to release the film but this film is set ready to release on 25th Friday.

This film is a life history of Rani Lakshmi Bhai and many of the peoples know about her in schooling itself. She’s one of the very bravest ladies who fought for Indian Freedom against the British East Company beyond the film Kangana Ranaut is back to acting after 2 years. This film is will be a milestone for the Bollywood cinema.

This film is releasing in three languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu. This film is fully based on the 18’s period which many of the leaders were fought for the Indian Freedom. She has done her own speech on both onscreen and offscreen.

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