Jallikattu in Tirupur – 2018

Jallikattu in Tirupur, Tirupur Jallikattu

Jallikattu in Tirupur – Jallikattu was taken place in TamilNadu’s Tiruppur and atleast 50 people must have injured in the incident. The participants from across 17 districts of Tamil Nadu has participated in this historic event and about 500 bulls were made to participate in the event. There are about 510 tamers played the game. The event was held at Alagumalai in Tirupur. The game was inaugurated by the state minister Udumalai K Radhakrishnan.

Jallikattu in Tirupur, tirupur jallikattu

Jallikattu in Tirupur:

More than 50 of the tamers played sustained with the injury as the depth of injury is less. Police informed media that 18 of them were admitted in Government hospitals to treat the injuries. Other with less depth injuries were given first aid in the same place. This jallikattu is the first ever event of the place so it has been conducted by the private organisation. The winners are awarded with prices like gold and silver coins, two wheelers and vessels and sarees.

The sports is the traditional sport game which is always conducted during the tamil festival Pongal in the mid of January in the southern Districts. This year the Government announced the ban the event in all the places. A historic strike has happened regarding the issue and the Government gave permission to continue the game with some rules and regulations.This year this function is conducted even in the western regions also.

The supreme court ordered to play the game and the return of jallikattu regarding the order in the month of may 2014 before the massive strike at the marina beach and many places in Tamil Nadu last year. All kind of people from the village till the city took part with pride in the strike.The result goes positive at the end of the event.

Watch the video of Jallikattu in Tirupur:


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