Electric vehicle charging station-Future of ‪‪India‬, a big step ‪by Indian Oil Corporation‬

electric charging station

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

New Delhi: Government Oil Company Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has launched the country’s first electric vehicle charging station. The first electric charging station has been well-established in the city of Nagpur. The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has taken a big step and partnership with Ola. IOC has started an Electric Vehicle Charging Station to charge the first electric running vehicles on Sunday.

Note: Also Nagpur is the first city to present as an electric public transport model in India.


IOC Partnership with OLA

electric vehicle charging station

From IndianOil official, ” Murali Srinivasan said that Indian Oil promotes ecological stability as part of its core business as India’s leading oil refiner. Thus, this partnership with Ola is right because India is going to make great progress in the coming years & we are happy to make Ola an electric vehicle eco-system from a new level in Nagpur and meet them in their efforts. EVOs currently have the capability to solve some important issues regarding pollution and air quality of vehicles and as a dynamic mobile platform may think about wet transformation.”

The government is taking a number of major steps to reduce the pollution in India, the government’s automobile companies are also collaborating with the government to reduce pollution, which is now making electric vehicles. The Indian government has arranged a lot of importance on bringing electricity-related vehicles in the upcoming year.

electric vehicle charging station

Even from Indian companies, Nitin Gadkari asked to build an electric car. Also, Transport minister Nitin Gadkari met Tesla owner Elon Musk, trying to build electric trains in India in some way.

Note: Recently, Toyota and Suzuki have decided to make an electric car together.

Government subsidy: Several countries have well-established grants and tax credits for the purchase of new electric cars depending on battery size. The U.S. offers a federal income tax credit up to US$7,500,and several states have additional incentives. The UK offers a Plug-in Car Grant up to a maximum of GB£4,500 (US$5,929).

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