Huawei Foldable smartphone in MWC 2019

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Huawei has planned to launch the Foldable 5G smartphone in this year MWC 2019. This is a Chinese smartphone company has confirmed their smartphone launch. This event is organized on Feb 24th at 2 pm.  This smartphone will be launched after the launch of Samsung’s flagship smartphone.

This foldable smartphone has Kirin 980 chipset and this is a 7nm manufactured process it will be a more power efficient and Huawei called this smartphone as a fifth-generation smartphone. This smartphone has 5000 modem and Chinese smartphone makers confirm that this will be the foldable smartphone and Huawei has still worked on it for the better product.

Samsung has also planned to launch the foldable smartphones it’s a Korean giant which they can also be launch into the market after launched in MWC 2019. Huawei has an upcoming smartphone has 5G support and 7.2-inch support and initially, they are planned to produce 24,000 and 30,000 units of smartphones.

In MWC 2019, LG and Xiaomi have also planned to launch the future foldable smartphones in the exhibition. lets for the further updates.

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