Some Interesting facts about M.S.Dhoni

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Ms Dhoni is popular for his unique style of playing. His wicket keeping in his 4th ODI with South Africa is not the classical way but it worked wonders. Dhoni’s practice sessions will be smarter more than drilling and making it very hard. He played around 316 ODI’s and he made around 295 catches and 106 stumpings. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s style of wicketkeeping is amazing and a study should be made to realize his way of success. There are many ways should be learnt from his playing by the young players. He is the field coach experienced the appreciation of the former coach that his training is unique and his way to success is very clear.

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Here are some reviews about Dhoni’s play:

Shrikant Iyengar:  Dhoni is the Best wicketkeeper cricketing brain by far.. India is lucky to have a sportsman of his caliber to guide the team in all aspects!

Lakshmi Narayanan:  Dhoni can remove the bails at the battling of eyelid…best keeper. Even gilly wasn”t this fast.



Here is the list of some interesting facts about MS Dhoni:

1) Dhoni is a Habitual Mimic Artist:
A deserved entry at number 8 is Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s penchant for mimicking his team mates and sometimes he might do it in the confines of the dressing room or during practice sessions or even during the actual match. The cricketers who have been a target of his mimicry skills have been Virat Kohli, Irfan Pathan and S Sreesanth among others.

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2) He Is an Adam Gilchrist Fan:
Although it is a given that almost all Indian cricketers are supposed be fans of Sachin, Gavaskar, Kapil Dev or Rahul Dravid, to name a few it is not the case with MS Dhoni. The Indian captain idolises the former Australian great Adam Gilchrist and looking at his game you would be left in do doubt that he has tried to model his game on his idol.

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3) Dhoni is a Butter Chicken Junkie:
It is a well known fact among those who are close to Dhoni that he can eat Butter Chicken at any time of the day along with Naan and in fact you can catch a short (30 seconds) clip on YouTube where he explains the reasons why Butter Chicken is his favourite dish.

MS-Dhoni- butter chicken

4) Dhoni Wanted to Be a Goalkeeper:

Right at the top is the fact that Dhoni never wanted to be a cricketer in the first place when he was in school; actually he was an expert badminton and football player, with the latter being his favourite sport.

MS-Dhoni goalkeeping

5) He is Obsessed with Bikes:
Most sportsmen have a passion and looking at Dhoni’s unassuming demeanour you might think that he has no passion beyond cricket but that is not the case because the man simply loves to ride bikes and in fact owns a stable of some of the most exclusive bikes in the world. Last year, only Dhoni bought a brand new imported Hellcat Motorbike for a cool $49500 excluding import duties, which makes him the one and only proud owner of the bike- that is owned by the likes of David Beckham- in South Asia.


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