Exciting new features of Google AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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Here are all Google Artificial Intelligence (Google AI) Technologies listed here.

Google Artificial Intelligence (Google AI) Technologies:

Cloud AI:

Cloud AI offers modern system learning services, with pre-skilled models and a service to generate your personal tailored fashions. Our neural-internet-based ML service has higher training performance and improved accuracy in comparison to different deep gaining knowledge of structures. Our services are rapid, scalable, and easy to use. Fundamental Google applications use Cloud machine learning, which includes photographs (photo search), Translate, Inbox (smart reply), and the Google app (voice search). Our platform is now available as a cloud service to carry unmatched scale and speed to your applications.

High-quality custom machine learning models:

Cloud AutoML Beta is a set of machine learning products which enable developers with limited machine learning expertise to train high-quality models specific to their business needs by leveraging Google’s state-of-the-art transfer learning and neural architecture search technology.

Google Assistant:

Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help. You choose what to share with your Google Assistant. If you ever ask your Assistant for help from other services, you stay in control of the information that you share. Easily manage or delete your past conversations with your Assistant at any time.

Google Photos

When Google recognizes a photo of someone who is one of your contacts, it can suggest sending the photo to that person. It can also convert photos to PDFs and automatically add color to black-and-white photos or make part of a color photo black and white. The changes are coming in the next few months.

Android P

The version of Google’s Android phone software will infuse basic functions with AI smarts. The battery will adapt to how you use apps in order to conserve energy. “Adaptive brightness” will learn how bright you like your screen based on manual adjustments, instead of automatically adjusting based on the how bright it is. Apple’s latest system, iOS 11, has a similar feature. Owners of some Android phones — none from Samsung — can get an early test version now.

Google News

Google is redesigning the News feature to present five stories you need to know, plus others that it thinks will be most relevant to you. For outlets with subscriptions, Google will allow you to subscribe directly through your Google account, without needing new passwords or credit card information. The feature should be available to everyone by next week.

Google Lens

Google’s visual assistant will be built into the camera. Just point the camera at a building or sign to get more information. Or copy text from images of menus, documents, and other sources into another app on your phone. Samsung phones aren’t on the list of phones getting the feature starting next week. Samsung has its own version, Bixby Vision


An autocomplete feature called “smart compose” uses artificial intelligence to suggest ways to finish sentences you start typing. For example, “I haven’t seen you” might be autocompleted to “I haven’t seen you in a while and I hope you’re doing well.” The feature will start rolling out this month.

Precise video analysis

Cloud Video Intelligence API makes videos searchable and discoverable by extracting metadata, figuring out key nouns, and annotating the content of the video. by means of calling a smooth-to-use relaxation API, you may now search every second of every video file in your catalog and locate each prevalence of key nouns as well as its importance. Separate sign from noise with the aid of retrieving relevant statistics through video, shot, or body.

Powerful image analysis

Cloud vision API enables you to derive insight from your pictures with our effective pre-trained API models or easily teach custom vision fashions with AutoML imaginative and prescient Beta. The API speedy classifies pix into thousands of categories (together with “sailboat” or “Eiffel Tower”), detects man or woman gadgets and faces within pix, and reveals and reads printed words contained within photographs. AutoML imaginative and prescient lets you construct and educate custom ML fashions with minimum ML knowledge to fulfill area-particular commercial enterprise desire.

Speech recognition across 120 languages

Cloud Speech-to-text allows developers to transform audio to textual content by applying neural community fashions in an easy-to-use API. The API acknowledges one hundred twenty languages and versions, to aid your international person base. you could enable voice command-and-manipulate, transcribe audio from name centers, and greater. it is able to method real-time streaming or prerecorded audio, using Google’s system gaining knowledge of technology.

Lifelike text-to-speech interactions

Cloud textual content-to-Speech permits builders to synthesize natural-sounding speech with 32 voices, to be had in more than one languages and editions. It applies DeepMind’s groundbreaking research in WaveNet and Google’s neural networks to deliver the very best constancy viably. With this smooth-to-use API, you can create realistic interactions together with your customers, throughout many programs and devices.

Multimedia and multi-language processing

Cloud herbal Language API exhibits the structure and meaning of the text through presenting effective system studying models in a smooth-to-use relaxation API. And with AutoML herbal Language Beta, you could construct and teach ML models without difficulty, without enormous ML information. you could use herbal Language to extract information about humans, locations, events, and much more stated in text documents, news articles, or blog posts. you may additionally use it to recognize sentiment approximately your product on social media or parse motive from client conversations taking place in a call center or a messaging app.

Fast, dynamic, translation

Cloud Translation API gives an easy programmatic interface for translating an arbitrary string into any supported language. Translation API is quite responsive, so websites and programs can integrate with Translation API for an instant, dynamic translation of supply textual content from the source language to a goal language (e.g., French to English). further the API, you could also use AutoML Translation Beta to fast and easily construct and educate high-quality fashions, which can be unique to your project or domain.


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