Pulwama Attack – Top Commander killed in encounter

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Pulwama Attack: Pulwama Attack – Three slain terrorists Kamran (Top Commander of Jaish-e-Mohammed), Hilal Ahmed and an unidentified member of Jaish-e-Mohammed and unidentified other terrorists were killed in an encounter on Monday. India lost its four best soldiers in this encounter. They were identified as Sepoys Hari Singh and Ajay Kumar, Major Vibhuti Shankar Dhoundial, Havildar Sheo Ram. Read More: Pulwama Terror Attack – 40 soldiers killed in Pulwama This gunfight has happened Ladoora area 12km far from Pulwama where the CRPF soldiers were bombed (Pulwama Attack) on February 14. After…

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Pulwama Attack: Car Bomber kills 40 CRPF soldiers brutally!

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Pulwama Attack: In Jammu Kashmir Srinagar, the Pulwama brutal attack has been done among the Indian CRPF soldiers. Nearly 40 Soldiers have been dead and some of them are admitted in the hospital at a critical situation. The 54B Battalion soldiers were travelled to the village for protection purpose in 2 trucks. In that time terrorists have driven a car opposite to them and they had a 350 Kilograms of the explosion to blast the soldier’s vehicles. The suicide bombers are attacked the CRPF soldiers and they make a blast against…

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Tremors near chennai as earthquake hits the bay of bengal!

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On Feb 12th early morning in the Bay of Bengal there was an earthquake occurs. This earthquake is also felt for the Chennai peoples also. This earthquake is has formed in the early morning at 4.30 am. In Chennai T.Nagar peoples also felt an earthquake. In Bay of Bengal deep of 10 km distance, the earthquake has been formed in centre of the Sea.  The effect of the earthquake is very less and it recorded a 4.9 Richter scale. It doesn’t affect any creatures or things. The same thing as again…

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Jactto-Geo Protest – AIADMK May lose the Voters?

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Jactto-Geo Protest has been seriously going on in all over Tamilnadu. This protest is mainly for some of the demands like Pension scheme and salary increment. This Pension scheme is cancelled in the year 2003 for all the Government employees including IAS, IPS, etc.. So, the protesters are demanding to get back the scheme for all the government employees. The current ruling party has promised to get back Pension scheme during the election time. But, they didn’t do anything as they promised so employees are started to protest from Dec…

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Jactto-Geo Teachers Protest! – Still continuing their protest!

jactto-geo, jactto-geo association, tn government, cm of tamilnadu, madurai high court, salary increment, pension schemes, government employees, eddapadi palaniswamy

The Jactto-Geo protest has been going effectively day-by-day. The Government employees and government teachers have started their protest against the Tamil Nadu Government by demanding their Pension schemes and Salary Increment for the each and every teachers. The protesters are raising their demands to raise their salaries as equal as Central Government employees. On the year, 2004 the Tamilnadu Government has cancelled the old pension plans and salary increment for every teacher in every 21 months and some of the demands have been raised against the Ruling party of Tamilnadu.…

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70th Republic Day of India – 2019

70th Republic Day, India, January 26, Republic Day, Republic Day 2019, Republic Day of India

Republic day celebration 26-Jan-2019 : Republic day is celebrated every year as the representation of India became a republic and by the act passed named as Constitution of India which came into effect from 26th January 1950. This year is heading to the 70thRepublic-day celebration. This year celebration happens on 26th January 2018 in New Delhi. This year highlights with the parade as usual but it takes place at India Gate of India. The parade starts at 9 am from Rashtrapati Bhavan along the way of Rajpath past India Gate and…

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Loyola College Drawing Exhibition – Anti-Hindu!!

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A new issue has been created by Loyola College of Arts and Science, Chennai. The college is conducted a Drawing Exhibition on Jan 21th. Many of the paintings and drawings were exhibited in the exhibition. In that, some of the drawings were displayed that Drawings have represented some matters against the Hindu religion. And some of the drawings are criticized the current central government ruling Party BJP. They so much criticized the Prime minister of India and they also criticized the Bharat Mata of India. Many of the peoples are raised…

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Madurai Alanganallur Jallikattu Starts!! – Bulls are at mega fest!

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Alanganallur Jallikattu Game: The worldwide famous game “Alanganallur Jallikattu” has been started by Jan 17th. This game is held on Madurai and chief minister and Assistant chief minister of Tamilnadu has announced big prizes for the best player in the game. These prizes purely encourage the players who played in the game. The both of them are planned to give a Car as a Prize. Also, Read: Welcome Back Jallikattu Alanganallur Jallikattu game has started on Morning 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM. Totally, 1400 trained bulls are participating in this game…

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Reservation system: 10% of quota for the upper castes

new reservation system, reservation system, narendra modi, union cabinet, lok sabha elections, upper castes, upper castes people, poor people, education, government job, 10% of quota

The Union Cabinet has been approved the 10% of places for the Upper Castes. The Narendra Modi’s Cabinet has announced the reservation for the Upper caste People on Tuesday.  This reservation system is eligible for only poor people who are in upper casts. This reservation will be over above 50%. This reservation will be on the education and for the government jobs also. The Modi’s government has taken a big action against the reservation system. This will gain big support for the BJP party from the Upper castes peoples. This…

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Jallikattu fever starts!! – Bulls are undergoing for fitness verification!

Jallikattu Fever starts! Jallikattu fever has been started in all over tamilnadu. Jallikattu is a game which is conducted for the Tamil festival Pongal. Preparation has been started for the game in December month itself. The players have started their practices for the game and Bull owners are also started to train their bulls and some of the buyers also buy the bull and giving the training. The specific breed of bulls is suitable for the jallikattu game.  So, the bulls are sold for some of the lakhs also buyers are…

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