Birth Anniversary – missile man !!!

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Our missile man, Born on 15th October 1931 at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, Kalam, he’s graduated in the bachelor of science from st.joseph college trichy and get specialized in aeronautical engineering from the Madras Institute of Technology (MIT).

kalam missile man works over the development of India’s first satellite launch vehicle(SLV 3) which was the vehicle for launching the satellite Rohini into the earth’s orbit. This was the first vehicle to launch the satellite in India. India gives a worthy entry to space club.

After working of two decades in the ISRO. kalam was taken up the responsibility for the developing indigenous guided missiles at defense research and development organization ( DRDO).

He was the response to the development and organization for the two missiles are; Agni and Prithvi missiles. so, he was called as ” missile man “.

kalam engineered and developed the Pokhran-2 nuclear tests which give a entry to India for the nuclear powers, the which where this only existing in only five countries like; USA, China, UK, Russia, France. the movie also is making about the Pokhran-2, the movie name is “parmanu” featuring “John Abraham” as an inspired of “kalam”.

He also received many of the awards from India and also from other countries. he finally received many honorary doctorates from the 48 universities in India and also from the other countries also.

the kalam-missile man was awarded the coveted civilian awards – padama bushan, padama vibushan, and the highest award in the civilian Bharat Ratna also he received.

Apart, from defense and physics. kalam was also gone through the medical healthcare science also. to improve the rural healthcare in India. he worked with the cardiologist soma Raju, both of them make a low-cost stent to the patients which later named as a kalam-Raju stent.

For seven years he remained a scientific advisor to the PM and then for secretary for the DRDO.

In, 2002 he becomes the “president of India” He’s also called as a people’s president”. although he’s not interested in the politics he focused in the academic backgrounds. also called as a missile man.

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