Bigg Boss 2: Will Balaji takes revenge on Aishwarya today?

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On Tuesday’s episode of Tamil Bigg Boss season 2, the contestants took part in the nomination project. The contestants needed to pick out pictures of two contestants whom they wanted to appoint and then shred them. At the end of this task Mahat, Riythvika, Beard Balaji, Ponnambalam, Mumtaz, and Sharik had been nominated. After the nominations, the housemates have been given the weekly assignment.

Aishwarya has become the dictator, Janani Iyer became her minister and Daniel became the commander. Bigg Boss despatched Aishwarya, Daniel, and Janani to a secret room where they have been confirmed what others have been speaking about the Queen Aishwarya. They saw Balaji talk sick of Aishwarya and demean her and crossed the limit. So Aishwarya punished him by dumping all the trash on his head. This left the residence bowled over and Mumtaz ended up crying.

Daniel and Janani requested Aishwarya no longer to be impolite and insensitive but Aishwarya gave the look of she become on a rampage.

She also dumped the assets of Ponnambalam, Sharik, and Riythvika into the swimming pool. As Balaji sat shocked and stunned at the same spot where he became punished with trash on him, Aishwarya was given Sendrayan to curse him with abusive words and ordered him to clean the place surrounding the area of Balaji.

Aishwarya becomes irritated as Balaji had again used innuendo approximately Yaashika, Sharik and her. She instructed Daniel and Janani that everyone she desired now become to get lower back at Balaji. She also stated that she is ready to leave the show but she wanted to make sure that Balaji should have got what he deserved.

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