Stalin vs Alagiri: DMK Civil War – Who is the next leader?

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Stalin vs Alagiri: Considering the situation the DMK is in – no big allies, a very strong AIADMK and no anti-incumbency wave against the principal opponent – Stalin, the younger son, is not doing badly. On Monday, his rally in north Chennai was a huge success. People in large numbers, including women and children, waited for hours at the venue to listen to him where he spoke with impressive optimism. Party workers were enthusiastic and arrangements were more than grand. There was absolutely nothing to hint that Stalin had any…

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10 lies about Lose Weight most of us still believe

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How to lose fat or how to lose weight. You go to the gym 6 times in a week, don’t eat after 6 PM, and stick to a low-carb healthy diet, however, you still cannot get even one step forward to your dream weight. Why don’t all of the well-known weight dropping techniques work? The reality is, the maximum popular health myths regularly save you from dropping weight quickly. if you want to get the frame of your dreams in no time, you have to be aware of these suggestions.…

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