2.0 Movie Review!! – A must watchable film!!

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2.0 Movie Review:

Here a long-awaited film 2.0 has been released been on this Thursday. This film will be a sequel of Enthiran which is released in the year 2010. The Enthiran has done many box-office records and also first Tamil film entered into the 200 crore club. After a few years after, Now the director Shankar and Rajinikanth combo have united by 2.0 film. Is their combo strikes again or not? Let’s move on to the 2.0 Movie review.

Vaseegaran( Rajini) is continuing his research in robotics. He also makes a new women assistant called Nila(Amy Jackson) for his research. Suddenly, the people’s mobile phones are missing and they are panic about this issue. The governments failed to protect the people from the mobile phones missing. So, the Vaseegaran starts his investigation of this issue and he stops that.

But, the Protoganist has revived again due to some of the Vengeance. Vaseegaran is again giving birth to Chitti 2.0 the robot. The Chitti 2.0 reloaded is fighting to protect people’s from that Protagonist. Are Chitti 2.0 wins against the Birdman or not is the 2.0 film.

The Shankar made is creativity in this film which will stun you!! Shankar shows his amazing visuals and sounds. This film has a social message to the people with some of the wonderful stuff in it.  Definitely, it’s a worth for money. The visuals and graphics are stunning. VFX are also good, AR Rahman’s background score for the film is another strength. The 4D sound on this film workouts well and it gets a new experience when you watch the film in the right place.

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Already, this film is crossing 100 crore club and we are production team are expecting that this will create a record in the box-office collection. Finally, Shankar has made one another film in his way with some exciting WOW factors. rajinikanth and all others who are starred in this film are also made their role perfectly. So, it’s a must-watch film in theatres to feel the new experience of Tamil-cinema. This our 2.0 movie review.

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